Just to put this in perspective for everyone, we have oil heat. Prices were WAY high last year, but we were fortunate to have a locked in rate of .99 cents/gallon. This year, it’s up to $1.19… I just got my balance billing offer from them – $181.00 for 10 months, then 2 months off. Argh! Argh! is so right. Wow. Okay I’m trying to work thru my shock here….. Time to start saving money!

First line of defense – plastic covering on the windows.

I use the expensive stuff only on the few windows that I really “have” to see out of clearly/or the looks are really important to me (so the front room for looks and the kitchen for sanity) All other windows, I use the cheap plastic painting drop cloths from Walmart that cost .99 cents and cover several windows. Second line of defense: window and door quilts. I made these for one very cold apartment in PA. I used thrift store sheets and old blankets for the “stuffing” (I wanted them to match and let light thru so I used all off-white sheets and light colored blankets.)

I “tied” the quilts with yarn–I was able to do 5 windows and one door in an afternoon. I tacked a tieback on the back of each quilt so during the day I could tie them in/up. I just nailed the quilts up–they were under the tabtop curtains so it didn’t look too funny. The door was slightly more of a pain–if I do it again, I’ll use a rod so the quilt can be slide off to the side. Of course, you could actually try and make these pretty–paints or different fabrics. I was happy with plain and serviceable…. It made a big difference for us. Single pane windows with cracks let in a lot of cold air…..