Thanks for all of the feedback

Thanks for all of the feedback! I truly appreciate it. I just returned to VA after spending a week in PA with my family and we set up a budget for me which, THANKFULLY, includes me being able to get out of a very cramped apartment and into a townhome in the coming months. It won’t happen for a little while so that allows me to save up for the little move which THRILLS me! I know… moving into a larger space doesn’t sound like the smartest move, however it puts me closer to work which saves me on gas and wear and tear on my vehicle. Plus, it has a larger kitchen. I LOVE to cook, but I HATE cooking in my tiny kitchen which has resulted in too many trips to eat out somewhere or other!

The new budget also allows for me to take over my car payment which my parents have been kind enough to help me out with for quite some time. I’ve hated having to rely upon them for paying MY bills. I don’t know about you, but it is one thing to say “Hey, I need a little extra for food” and another to say “Hey, can you pay my car payment?” Hopefully with this new budget I won’t need to ask for either!

My son is going to be in for a rude awakening though, but it will be good for him to see mommy working hard to get out of debt. It is a lesson I wish I had learned from my parents (who are also in the progress of working their way out of debt) a long time ago. At least we are both taking responsibility and digging ourselves out of that hole. Anyway, back to my son…he is so used to being able to eat out and I’ll be the one to say it…he is spoiled by both me and my parents. He was informed of the budget for eating out each month and about fell over! (He’s dramatic and only 9!) But it needs to be done! Fortunately I teach at a school where there is extra money to be made!

It is an extended year school so when I work all three intercessions I am able to make some extra cash…plus I teaching 3rd grade this coming school year which means I have to work a longer school day (the kids in grades 2-5 go to school until 4:40 pm) which also puts extra money in my pocket. They also have Saturday school to help those students who need even more academic assistance so that is another option for some extra cash if I find I will need more money to make ends meet.

I am just glad that I have a budget in place now and can start paying down my debt.