Credit report

Don’t be surprised that the information isn’t the same or even correct. I got my report from Experian ( sp??) and they had my address that I have lived at for 19 years, along with two other addresses in different states that I have not even been to, let alone lived in. Two additional address for me, along with the correct one.

When I called them to ask how to correct the information, the woman that answered was so rude and nasty after 15 minutes on the phone with her I finally hung up.

Good luck in trying to get the correct information. Not all that weird. When you apply for payday loans from companies like UtahCashHelp – their lenders do perform credit check. The 3 are different companies and different creditors report to different agencies. Now, allegedly, they share information amongst them, but I have found that is not always true. Mostly, I find that one of them will not that a paid-off, closed account when the others did.

It is important to check all three, just to make sure that there are no erroneous reports on them. It is not imperative that they all have all of your accounts, but it is imperative that whatever information they have is correct.

One more thing, the Credit Bureaus are not notified when you move unless you tell them. They find out when you start applying for credit from the new address or an existing account puts in a negative report reflecting your new address. One of them just discovered that back in the 70s, when I was still a minor I lived on a certain street in Pensacola. Don’t ask me why that showed up, but it did.