We had great disability and life insurance

insuranceActually, we have had great disability and life insurance every since medical school. It won’t pay off all of the debt, but it will come very close. Our credit cards (all 2 of them) have a protection plan as well. Our house will be sold next year when we move – we have a small townhouse, so we’ll make a little out of the sell, which will help us keep our debt at a minimum.

I am receptive to other’s advice, and will take the advice if I can apply it to my situation. This is not the perfect newsgroup for me, but I can’t find any others out there that can help me. Luckily, I’ve gotten some great advice from a few people here. This is not to say that you all don’t have great advice for those in your situation. I greatly appreciate all of your concern.

I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s accident. It sounds like you’ve been through quite a bit and have been affected in positive and negative ways. I hope that you continue to head in a path that leads you to happiness.