All my hard work on paying down our cards ended

Well since hubby returned home… all my hard work on paying down our cards ended:( Hubby put stuff on the cards again and our credit card balances are back up.

I am trying to pay more than the min. due and i think it’ll be easier when he’s gone to korea (he leaves next month for a year). he won’t have access to the cards and i’ve told him no more on the cards. my hours at work got cut so i could only pay the min. for right now but the hours are back up now so next paycheck should be alot better for me.

I am wondering if there are any cards out there that offer 0% interest for balance transfers. i think that would help out. maybe move our high interest ones over there like home depot, etc.

thanks for any tips. i have been a member of this blog for well over a year and you guys are wonderful. I am just lost. my husband is so bad with money and i need to get him to learn that credit cards are not “money thats available to spend”. it frustrates me:(

Thanks for letting me vent also 🙂

Last Saturday In The Money on CNN had a segment on debt. Mostly the focus was on credit cards. A credit counseling expert said everytime you use that credit card you are taking out a loan. Maybe you could remind your husband of that. They also showed a video of a meeting of debtors anonymous. The faces were darkened though since it is anonymous.

some possible tips for you. Close the credit card accounts! yes you can close them to new charges even if you do still owe on them. That should help the “falling off the wagon” issue.

next, see if the base that your hubby will be stationed at has a Financial Peace University class. A lot of them do! It would be a great way to get him involved and enlightened to the situation.

Don’t know if any of that will help. But good luck to you and thank you so much for holding down the fort while your hubby is protecting our freedom!

thank you for your tips. i think he knows that credit isn’t good but he gets bored. he’s done good the past few weeks…. we’re just going to have to buckle down with him .

Last weekend i made alist of our cards, what we owed, what our credit limits was and added it all up. i think it was a news flash. i think it really made him realize what kind of situation we were in ya know???