The payments are on “stuff”

The payments are on “stuff” and a debt consolidation loan – our last big “fix” for our credit card and medical bills debt. I know some would say we should sell the stuff but it wouldn’t help us much at this point.

Also, about the size of the house, do what you can to make you house ‘seem’ bigger. This works fine for now, but we want more children in the next 5 years and we have a 2 bedroom house now. There simply isn’t sleeping space for more than the 2 children we have now.

Take the lead as wife & mom to present the positive of every month a closer step. Be sure to let your husband know how proud you are of him. Debt can load down a husband…

This is hard. My husband always feels responsible although we made our financial decisions together. I’m trying to do what I can to help, but there’s no one to talk to when I get discouraged. If I talk to him, it will only make him feel worse and that’s not what we need!

As for living tight, remember that the important thing is that you are together and tackling this as a family.

We are, but we have $400 a month or less to live on. Groceries, gas, any entertainment (although we do very little), miscellaneous, all the baby stuff (I have a 7mo), etc. Then there’s birthdays and gifts and medical bills and it just gets overwhelming. That’s why when we make any extra it’s hard to put it on debt when the kids need new clothes and Christmas is always coming.

I made a list of our debts from smallest to largest and when we make extra income, we’ll put it on the smallest debt first, etc. How can I figure the payoff of each debt with the extra added? Is there a special calculator for this?

Thanks for your help!