I can tell that you are not receptive to others

I can tell that you are not receptive to others who are not in your exact situation BUT I will try one more time to give you a lesson I learned… as you state very plainly – take it or leave it!

My hubby had great plans… he works in the coal mines – not doctor material but as equal to your hubby in every sense. He was doing really great with his plans… until a long wall about 2 tons fell on him in an accident. It was a doctor like your hubby that saved his hip and leg and his life and I do thank doctors like him. However….

Hubby made plans and in one moment all changed! At that time he lived life on the financial edge, never having a problem! And if he would have had a better wife I am sure he could have overcome. BUT you see he was left with some permanent injuries and was never to go underground again. His wife decided to bail on him and then he had child support and alimony in addition to a new position that he hated at work.

Needless to say he lost his home, his marriage, and was in debt hell! All because of that accident!!!

You have seemed to plan very well for getting into debt…. can you also handle a crises such as an accident or long term sickness?

I’m not pizzed off. I’ve just been in a bad mood for 40 years.